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Medium flow valve (1/4"). The fluid flow rate between its two connected chambers varies as the valve stem is rotated. (Note that the flow rate also depends on the pressure difference between the chambers. Such a valve may, for example, be used to "bleed" a mixture of gases through a trap to separate condensable and incondensable fractions.

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medium flow valve 1/4 + actuator
medium flow valve 1/4 + actuator
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Bill Of Materials Qty Unit Total Notes
actuator medium flow valve 1 ea 214.75
labor assembly/fabrication (min) 1 min 0.92
medium flow valve 1/4 modified 1 ea 188.58
medium flow valve 1/4 + actuator 1 ea 404.25

Used on Qty
CT flow 1
FT gas side LL 1
2CT 1
Process Section LR kit 1
TF outlet LL 1
Process Section FB 1
FT gas dual out LL 1
TF outlet 1
FT gas side 1
FT gas down 1
FT gas dual out 1
FT gas down LL 1
TF outlet ISEL-LL 1
FT gas ISEL LL 1
CT flow PPS 1
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