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The components of Aeon's Carbon Extraction & Graphitization System are useful in a variety of applications. Custom assemblies are intertwined with numerous commercial off-the-shelf parts and materials. This product browser provides a way to explore our system components, so you can evaluate alternative sourcing and construction strategies and plan a similar system, or one better suited to the resources at your disposal.

Additional data is available for most of the parts we make--drawings, specifications, assembly details, and so on. We are happy to share that information, and will eventually get it all documented and uploaded to the web site. Until then, if you need more information about any of our products, if you have any questions, or if you are ready to make a purchase, please contact us at

For a brief overview of the CEGS architecture, see Automation by Aeon.

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carbon extraction & graphitization system
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Bill Of Materials Qty Unit Total Notes
CEGS (6X1) 1 ea 91,737.68
carbon extraction & graphitization system 1 ea 91,737.68

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