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Ever notice how doing something well opens your eyes to even more improvement potential? It happens to us all the time! For over a decade, Aeon's sample pretreatment laboratory provided radiocarbon dating services to the general public. Every day we found new and better ways of doing things. We developed new protocols, devised better strategies, and invented new technology--and all of that is still underway. But today, our focus has shifted from providing dating services to sharing our discoveries with other researchers.

We prefer "off-the-shelf" solutions whenever they are available and serve well. But many of our best solutions simply can't be found from general-purpose lab equipment suppliers. They're too specialized or the market is too small. Aeon's products address this need.

Aeon shares

You can buy our products. Or you can make them yourself. All of our designs are open-source: software and hardware. Our pricing is utterly transparent. There are no huge markups or hidden charges. Our products browser lists a complete bill of materials for each item we make, including part costs and labor! We only ask that if you base your work on ours, and find an improvement, that you share it like we do.

Aeon wants you to succeed

If you have any questions about anything we make or do, let us know. If you have a suggestion or idea to share, let us know. Or, if you need help designing or building a system, a device, or a program, let us know. We offer consulting, design, and software development services, too. We want to help. Let us know.

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