Please Note: Aeon has been engaged to full capacity through the summer. We will not be able to accept additional samples until September, 2018.

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About Us

Our Mission

Aeon is committed to providing reliable radiocarbon dating services for anyone who needs them, at a reasonable price.

"Reliable" means consistently accurate and timely results. Those familiar with radiocarbon dating science know how rare it is to find a service that truly achieves these seemingly humble goals. And how rarer still it is for the provider to offer the same low price to everyone, from the independent researcher with a handful of samples to large grant-funded institutions with hundreds.

Established as a commercial entity in 2008, our laboratory takes advantage of knowledge and innovative technology developed over the last decade by our own research scientists and engineers. Constantly converting scientific research into applied technology, Aeon implements the latest advances in chemical pretreatment and employs proprietary automated processing systems to ensure quality control.

If first-class processes and robotic machinery are building blocks to Aeon, people are the bedrock. Our full-time, dedicated scientists are adept at analyzing, selecting, and pretreating the wide variety of sample types encountered in radiocarbon dating research. The pretreatment team ensures the best possible information is gleaned from each sample, where even the most minute contamination can adversely affect results.

Administrative and office staff, scientists and engineers, machinists and programmers -- all of us are indispensable, working together toward the same customer-oriented goal: reliable radiocarbon dating services for anyone who needs them, at a reasonable price.

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