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The CEGS LL6 is a Carbon Extraction & Graphitization System with six graphite reactors and six inlet ports. Each inlet port can accept an organic sample ready for combustion and analysis, or an already-extracted CO2 gas sample.

Gas samples may arrive in sealed glass ampules, carbonate vial headspace, or with appropriate adapters, from virtually any other source of sample CO2, such as an elemental analyzer, atmospheric or flue gas sampler, or a specialized carbon extraction system such as a custom dissolved inorganic carbon apparatus.

The LL in the system name indicates that this is a "low-level" system, which is specialized to routinely handle not only ordinary samples, but also very old (> 35 ka) and very small (< 30 µg C) ones. The valves in the sample path feature all-metal seals and seats, vastly reducing the amount of Viton in the system. This minimizes the gas loads from permeation and outgassing and permits the quantitative handling of samples as tiny as 5 micrograms of carbon.

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Bill Of Materials Qty Unit Total Notes
CEGS Assembly and Test 1 ea 22,040.00
CEGS Operating Manual 1 ea 0.00
Control Section LL6 1 ea 5,666.43
Frame LL6 1 ea 1,004.57
GM Section LL6 1 ea 9,791.59
IM Section LL6 1 ea 11,993.02
LN+air Section 6X 1 ea 2,655.92
Process Section LR LL 1 ea 12,616.26
tube kit LL6 1 ea 379.41
Vacuum Section LR 1 ea 21,340.31
CEGS LL6 1 ea 87,487.51

Used on Qty
CEGS (LL6) 1
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