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Sending Samples for Biobased Content Analysis

Sending your samples to Aeon is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Prepare your samples for shipment

The two most important considerations are (1) to package your samples appropriately so that they will survive shipment to Aeon intact, and (2) to provide enough material for analysis.

Packaging   Aeon can analyze virtually any solid, liquid, or gas sample. For solid samples, the ideal containers are zip-lock bags, although almost any sealable plastic or glass containers are acceptable as long as they are packed carefully. If a sample is such that it may leak from a zip-lock bag, then double-bag it or wrap it in foil before bagging. Liquid samples should be packed in leak-tight plastic or glass containers and protected for shipment. Gases may be sealed in glass tubes or in gas sample bags such as those available from SKC Gulf Coast. In many cases, your standard retail packaging may be used, although usually this means sending much more material than necessary for analysis.

Regardless of the sample type, it is very important that you clearly mark each sample container with a unique identification code of your choosing. All test and analysis records, including the final result that is sent to you, will be associated with this sample identifier.

Sample selection and quantity   The amount of material to send can be calculated from the percentage of carbon (by weight) in the sample. One milligram of carbon is all that is needed for analysis, but it is ideal to send enough material to supply between 2 and 10 milligrams of carbon.

2 mg / %carbon < ideal sample mass < 10 mg / %carbon

For example, if the test material is 5% carbon by weight, then the ideal sample size is 40 to 200 milligrams. The percentage of carbon by weight may be determined easily from the molecular formula for the material, if this is known. However, it is often more expedient and usually sufficient to estimate an approximate value and send a little excess material. Please feel free to contact us if you need help determining how much material to send.

To obtain accurate results for solid samples, the submitted sample must be chosen carefully to accurately represent a cross-section of the total product. This is not an issue with liquid or gas samples. However, solid samples can have multiple sections which vary not only in carbon content, but also in the sources of carbon used to make the different sections. For example, an insulation product might have a fill portion, a backing material and an adhesive. The biobased content of each of these components will vary according to the matter from which they were made. To accurately determine the biobased content of the insulation as a whole, the relative masses of fill, backing, and adhesive material provided in the sample must match those of the whole product.

2. Complete a Sample Information Form

Only one form is needed per shipment, but every sample in the shipment must be uniquely identified.

3. Ship your samples to Aeon

We recommend shipping samples to our laboratory via First Class Airmail or courier services such as Federal Express, UPS, or DHL. Shipments from outside the US should be labeled “Samples for scientific analysis. No commercial value. Will be destroyed by analysis.”.

Our shipping address is

Aeon Laboratories, LLC
5835 N Genematas Dr
Tucson, AZ 85704-5919 USA

Be sure to enclose a copy of your Sample Information Form.


By submitting your samples to Aeon, you agree that the requested services shall be performed subject to our Terms and Conditions, and that you will pay Aeon the price for the services according to the current Price Schedule.

Aeon will email the results to you within 30 calendar days. If you need results sooner, we offer an Expedite Service that can significantly reduce the turnaround time.

Special Considerations. Please contact us before sending any samples that may contain toxic, carcinogenic or otherwise hazardous materials, or that have regulated disposal requirements.

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