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The CEGS (Mines) project is for a CEGS LL6X1+1+2CT system with six graphite reactors, two inlet ports, and numerous special features to support a wide variety of radiocarbon sample processing protocols. In addition to the instrument itself, the project includes plumbing for four research-grade gas lines, a liquid-nitrogen tank scale, special tooling, a consumables starter kit, delivery, installation, setup and on-site training, and 1 year of off-site technical support.

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CEGS (Mines)
CEGS (Mines)
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Bill Of Materials Qty Unit Total Notes
CEGS crating/packaging 1 ea 2,001.01
CEGS installation, setup, calibration, training (domestic) 1 ea 9,133.00
CEGS LL6X1+1i+6VP+RPO 1 ea 147,992.37
CEGS options 1 ea 9,736.74
freight 300 $ 300.00
in situ tube -1 ea -2,353.54
insurance 950 $ 950.00
Sable CO2 Analyzer -1 ea -11,023.20 customer provided
tube furnace split 1200C 120 VAC -1 ea -8,797.30 customer provided
CEGS (Mines) 1 ea 147,939.08

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