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The CEGS (12x1+5 domestic) project is a Carbon Extraction & Graphitization System with twelve graphite reactors and six inlet ports, with one of the inlet ports fitted for the online combustion of organic samples. The remaining five inlet ports are fitted to receive already-extracted CO2 gas samples.

Gas samples may arrive in sealed glass ampules, carbonate vial headspace, or with appropriate adapters, from virtually any other source of sample CO2, such as an elemental analyzer, atmospheric or flue gas sampler, or a specialized carbon extraction system such as a custom dissolved inorganic carbon apparatus.

The project includes standard options, crating, freight, insurance, installation and on-site training for destinations anywhere within the continental USA. For destinations outside the continental United States, the system cost is the same, but the other project costs--i.e., the crating, freight, etc.--are higher and depend on the destination.

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CEGS (12x1+5 domestic)
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Bill Of Materials Qty Unit Total Notes
CEGS 12x1+5 1 ea 82,297.88
CEGS crating/packaging 1 ea 2,001.01
CEGS installation, setup, calibration, training (domestic) 1 ea 9,133.00
CEGS options 1 ea 9,736.74
freight 250 $ 250.00
insurance 700 $ 700.00
CEGS (12x1+5 domestic) 1 ea 104,118.63

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